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Volunteer Education

Welcome to our virtual volunteer education center. Periodically we will add new and valuable information in the form of videos, documents and reference links to this page for you to enhance your knowledge and skills as a volunteer. If you have topics or questions you would like us to provide information or links about, please email our Coordinator of Volunteers, and we will consider your request carefully. Thank you for taking the time to review this educational tool to stay informed.

Safe Handling/Operation of a Wheelchair

Please watch the YouTube video on the left: The Safe Handling/Operation of a Wheelchair (required viewing by all Langley Lodge Volunteers)

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Volunteer Education Documents and Resources

The following links and resources have been provided for volunteers to continue to develop skills to better facilitate a person-centered approach to care and service.

We invite you to explore the tools and links provided to enhance your volunteer experience.

Helpful Online Resources:

Tips on how to communicate with someone with Alzheimer’s Disease