Exemplary care for the aging
population in our community

Resident & Family Handbook

To download a PDF version of the Resident and Family Handbook, please click here.

Our Mission:  To improve and enhance quality of life of the elderly and people with disabilities

Dear New Resident,

On behalf of the Board of Directors and Staff, I would like to welcome you! Langley Lodge has served the area for over 40 years and is a residence of choice for seniors.

Our employees are caring and friendly individuals who will attend to your needs and make you feel comfortable and safe at all times.  You will experience quality 24 hour nursing care and the assurance of high standards provided by nationally accredited facilities.

Activities are varied to provide something for everyone to partake in every day. We hope you will enjoy the active calendar with outings, horticulture, fitness, music, and fun celebrations. Our new and modern facility has many lovely spaces to enjoy, such as the colorful courtyard gardens and the outside decks with lovely views. The menus are developed by a dietician for nutrition and they are prepared by our wonderful cooks who serve up very tasty meals every day.

We will assist you to settle in, and your families are always welcome to visit and participate in daily activities with you. If you have any questions, we are here to help.

We hope that you will enjoy your new home in Langley Lodge.

Yours truly,  


Debra Hauptman, MBA
Chief Executive Officer

 Residents’ Bill of Rights

Commitment to care

1.  An adult person in care has the right to a care plan developed:

(a)   specifically for him or her, and

(b)   on the basis of his or her unique abilities, physical, social and emotional needs, and cultural and spiritual preferences.

Rights to health, safety and dignity

2.  An adult person in care has the right to the protection and promotion of his or her health, safety and dignity, including a right to all of the following:

(a)   to be treated in a manner, and to live in an environment, that promotes his or her health, safety and dignity;

(b)   to be protected from abuse and neglect;

(c)   to have his or her lifestyle and choices respected and supported, and to pursue social, cultural, religious, spiritual and other interests;

(d)   to have his or her personal privacy respected, including in relation to his or her records, bedroom, belongings and storage spaces;

(e)   to receive visitors and to communicate with visitors in private;

(f)    to keep and display personal possessions, pictures and furnishings in his or her bedroom.

Rights to participation and freedom of expression

3.  An adult person in care has the right to participate in his or her own care and to freely express his or her views, including a right to all of the following:

(a)   to participate in the development and implementation of his or her care plan;

(b)   to establish and participate in a resident or family council to represent the interests of persons in care;

(c)   to have his or her family or representative participate on a resident or family council on their own behalf;

(d)   to have access to a fair and effective process to express concerns, make complaints or resolve disputes within the facility;

(e)   to be informed as to how to make a complaint to an authority outside the facility;

(f)    to have his or her family or representative exercise the rights under this clause on his or her behalf.

Rights to transparency and accountability

4.  An adult person in care has the right to transparency and accountability, including a right to all of the following:

(a)   to have ready access to copies of all laws, rules and policies affecting a service provided to him or her;

(b)   to have ready access to a copy of the most recent routine inspection record made under the Act;

(c)   to be informed in advance of all charges, fees and other amounts that he or she must pay for accommodation and services received through the facility;

(d)   if any part of the cost of accommodation or services is prepaid, to receive at the time of prepayment a written statement setting out the terms and conditions under which a refund may be made;

(e)   to have his or her family or representative informed of the matters described in this clause.

Scope of rights

5.  The rights set out in clauses 2, 3 and 4 are subject to:

(a)   what is reasonably practical given the physical, mental and emotional circumstances of the person in care;

(b)   the need to protect and promote the health or safety of the person in care or another person in care, and

(c)   the rights of other persons in care.

 Caring for Your Information

 Notice to our Patients, Clients and Residents

 Collecting, Using and Sharing Your Personal Information

When you are receiving care, treatment and services at Fraser Health, our staff and physicians will collect personal information from you. Where permitted, we may ask your family, friends, or other organizations to give us information about you (e.g. copies of records, medication information or test results).

Your information may be entered into our electronic health information systems to assist authorized persons in quickly accessing pertinent information wherever you may be receiving care or services.

We collect, use and share your personal information under the primary authority of the BC Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (“FIPPA”). FIPPA and other legislations authorize us to use and share your personalinformation for these reasons:

  1. to identify you and keep in contact with you about your health care
  1. to provide ongoing care and support of care activities
  2. to help us plan, monitor, maintain and improve our care and services,
  3. for education and training (e.g. medical students) and to conduct research with consent or as permitted by law
  4. to know your eligibility for benefits and services and to arrange medical services billing
  5. to enable parties (e.g. Ministry of Health Services, Canadian Institute of Health Information) to confirm your identity, conduct planning and improvement activities, measure performance and fund healthcare
  6. to analyze, manage and control disease outbreaks and monitor the overall health of people
  7. as required by law (e.g. court order, reportable conditions) and as authorized by FIPPA

Your health information will be provided to your referring physician, other authorized health care professionals and their support staff, or health care agencies and facilities involved in your care to support continuous and consistent care and service. In some cases, these health professionals may look up your health information in our electronic health information systems in order to provide you with direct or supporting services.

If you are a patient in the hospital or residential care, we will provide your family or close friends who phone and ask about you with information confirming your admission and location. If you do not wish us to release this information, please inform a staff member within Patient Registration or within your care area.

eHealth and Your Information

eHealth is a provincial initiative that allows certain aspects of your health information to be accessed by authorized health care professionals throughout the province and not just within a particular region. Each Health Authority sends specific health information to a province-wide electronic information system, where it is stored with strict protections and used for limited and authorized purposes. For more information about eHealth, please visit the government eHealth website at http://www.health.gov.bc.ca/ehealth.

For More Information

If you have any questions about this Notice and the protection of your personal information, please contact the Fraser Health Information Privacy Office at 604-953-5015 x767070 or email: privacy@fraserhealth.ca or see our more detailed Brochure “Your Health Information and Your Privacy Rights at Fraser Health.”

Moving In

On move in day you and your family are invited to spend time with the Social Worker completing essential paperwork. The Social Worker will also answer any questions you may have about your stay. Your family is very welcome to join you during this process and spend the morning with you.

After meeting with the Social Worker you and your family will be taken to your room and introduced to your Nurse and the care staff on the floor. The nurse will want to spend some time with you and your family completing a basic assessment and asking you about your current medical needs.

Over the next couple of weeks members of the Interdisciplinary Team will be introducing themselves to you and getting to know you better.

If you have any questions, please ask – the staff at Langley Lodge are very aware of the difficult time both physically and emotionally you and your family are experiencing at this time. Let us know if there is anything we can do to make this transition a little bit easier.

Visiting Hours and Parking

Personal Visits

Family and friends are welcome to visit and are encouraged to participate in the social activities.  Small pets are also welcome to visit provided they are kept on a leash and are in excellent physical health.

To respect the privacy of other residents, we request that visiting before 8:30 a.m. and after 7:00pm be restricted to the main floor areas.


Family and visitor parking is located at the front of the building. As there is limited parking space, your family and friends can also park on the street.

Scent Free

We ask that visitors to Langley Lodge refrain from the use of perfumed products as they may cause health concerns for other residents.

Financial Information

Each resident who has been assessed by Fraser Health Authority and decides to live at Langley Lodge is required to pay a daily user fee based on his or her annual income.

This rate is assessed by Fraser Health Residential Services prior to placement and is subject to change on yearly basis. At Langley Lodge, fees cover most of our services, except for medications and personal care items.

Comfort Fund

It is recommended that you keep only modest amounts of money on your person or in your room ($10.00 - $20.00) and that you take advantage of the trust account service available at the Reception Desk. 

Hours of operation are 8:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. daily except weekends and holidays.

Power of Attorney

An Enduring Power of Attorney is a document in which you appoint someone else to act on your behalf on matters that you specify. A Enduring Power of Attorney can be made to start immediately, or when you are not capable of making financial decisions for yourself.

If you have signed a power of attorney please provide a copy of the document to the Social Worker.

Personal Furnishings

To assist you in feeling more like home in your new residence, we encourage you to bring personal items such as:



a favorite chair


The Resident Furniture / Equipment Authorization form must be completed and approved by a manager prior to bringing any furnishings into your room.   Our Maintenance Staff will be pleased to hang all items to be wall-mounted.  Our Physiotherapist may need to check your chair to ensure your safety.

Electrical Equipment

Small portable T.V.'s along with small radios and cd players are permitted, but out of consideration for others, must be equipped with earplugs or earphones.   

For safety and fire precautions all electrical items must be left with Reception for approval by Langley Lodge Maintenance Staff prior to use.


There is a television on every floor for resident viewing. If you would like to have a television in your room, please contact the receptionist to discuss costs and to make arrangements. 


There is a telephone available to you in the lounge area on your floor. If you would like to have your own private telephone in your room, please contact the Receptionist to discuss the costs and to make arrangements.

Clothing and Personal Care items

Please ensure that all clothing is wash and wear and footwear is non-skid.  Please do not label clothing as Langley Lodge will label all clothing upon admission.  Any new clothing items should be left at Reception for labeling prior to use.

The following is a suggested list of clothing and footwear that you may require while staying at Langley Lodge:

WOMEN                                            MEN 

4    bras or 4 undershirts                      4    undershirts

6    pairs cotton underpants                  6    pairs under shorts

5    dresses or track suits                     4    shirts

1    bathrobe (full opening, not to long)  6    trousers or track suits

2    pairs washable slippers                  1    bathrobe (fully opening)

      (non slip & with backs)                  2    pairs washable slippers

4    pairs stocking or socks                         (non slip & with backs)

2    washable sweaters                                4    pairs stretch material

1    heavy sweater & jacket for                    socks

      outings                                                2    washable sweaters

3-4 night gowns                                  1    heavy sweater & jacket

3-4 pajamas                                                     for outings                 

2    pairs comfortable shoes or              2    pairs comfortable shoes

      *running shoes (washable)                   or  *running shoes


Please note that this a general list of items – you may want to adapt it to meet your own personal needs.

All labeling of personal items will be done by Langley Lodge upon admission. Do not label items prior to bringing them in.

Incontinent Products

If you require the use of incontinent products we can provide them for you. If you prefer a different style of product we can assist you with purchasing them through our local supplier.  Just advise the nurse on your floor of your preference.


Personal laundry services are provided on a regular basis.

Items requiring special care or treatment such as: hand washing, drip drying, delicate cycle washing drying, ironing, dry cleaning, wool items, feather / down filled items and leather items (except shoes) – are not recommended and are the responsibility of the resident or family.  While every effort is made to return your clothing in good repair, the Lodge will not accept responsibility for items not suited to institutional laundry machines. 

Laundry hours of operation are 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. daily.


We encourage all residents to have their valuable items kept in safe keeping with their family members. This would include such items as rings, watches, necklaces and earrings. The facility is not responsible for any lost or damaged resident valuables.

Locked Drawer

Each night table is equipped with a locking drawer. The initial key is provided at no cost. Should you lose this key, a replacement fee will be charged.

Settling In

Meal Time

It is our aim to serve nutritious, tasty meals to you. To accomplish this we have a five-week rotating menu is in effect. If your doctor feels that you require a special diet and provides us with a written order, we can adjust our menu to meet your needs. Our dietitian may also make some recommendations for a special diet to ensure your nutritional needs are being met.

We will be reserving a special place for you in the Dining Room. Our meals times are as follows: Breakfast 8:30 a.m., Lunch 12:15 and Dinner 5:00 p.m. Your family and friends may join you at any meal; however, they must reserve a place in advance and purchase a meal ticket from Reception. Due to limited space and prior reservations, we may not always be able to accommodate your request. Please contact Reception at least 1 hour in advance for lunch and 1 ½ hrs before  supper to arrange for your visitor’s meal. Late meal requests may not be accepted. If you are having more than 3 guests, please notify reception at least one day in advance.

Special meals or teas are planned in conjunction with our Special Events Calendar for a variety of special occasions including Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Canada Day, Labour Day, Thanksgiving, Remembrance Day, Christmas Day & New Year’s Day. Your family is welcome to join you for these special celebrations. Check with Reception regarding costs for special meals.

Afternoon and evening tea will be served at 2:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. Visitors are welcome to join you for the afternoon and evening tea break in the dining room. Coffee and tea are available at all times on the main floor. There is a nominal charge for beverages for your visitors. 

Limited space is available for Special Family Events. If you want to reserve space to celebrate a special event with your family, please contact the Social Worker at least one week in advance to discuss costs and make arrangements.

Resident and Family Kitchen

There is a fridge on your floor stocked with milk and juice. If you wish to place personal food items in these fridges, please clearly mark your name and the date on each item. For safety reasons, staff will monitor and discard any food that is outdated.

You and your family are welcome to make suggestions about the menu at the Menu Committee meetings which are held monthly.


Langley Lodge is a Smoke-Free Facility. As there is no indoor smoking permitted, an outdoor smoking area has been created to accommodate residents who wish to smoke.

Only residents who are able to smoke independently and safely in the outdoor smoking area are permitted to smoke at Langley Lodge. Each resident is assessed to determine if they are safe to smoke. Staff or volunteers will not be available to assist residents to and from the outdoor smoking area.

Your New Home

Mail - Outgoing

For your convenience, you may drop off any outgoing mail at the Reception Desk. Mail is delivered to a Canada Post mail box daily, except weekends and holidays.

Mail - Incoming

Incoming mail is sorted and delivered to your room after lunch daily, except weekends and holidays.


Arrangements for the delivery of daily newspapers are the responsibility of the resident or family, as are the subscription costs.  Local Langley papers are provided at no charge.

Change of Address

To ensure you continue to receive your mail, please ensure that Change of Address Forms have been sent to the Post Office, your friends and family members and all Pension Offices.

If you have someone who is assisting you with your finances, please redirect all appropriate financial and/or business mail to them.


Medical Orders for Scope of Practice / Advance Directives

You have the right to decide for yourself whether to accept or refuse any medical treatment offered by a nurse or doctor. Decisions about medical care are very personal and are based on your own values and beliefs. Some people choose to prolong their lives at any cost. You may choose to limit medical treatment so you can focus on being comfortable and can stay in familiar surroundings. If you have any questions, speak to the Social Worker.

The Medical Orders for Scope of Practice (MOST) Record at Langley Lodge is a way of giving your doctor and your health care team instructions about the kind of medical treatment you would want if you were to become so ill that you were not able to speak for yourself. 

Representation Agreement

The Representation Agreement Act allows you to appoint someone as your legal representative to handle your personal care and health care decisions, if you’re unable to make them on your own. If you have appointed someone as a representative, please provide a copy of the agreement to the Social Worker.


Each resident is required to retain his/her attending physician. If not in the Langley area, the physician will be asked if he/she is willing to make "house calls" to the Lodge. If not, we request that you obtain the services of a Langley physician willing to provide this service. To guarantee continuity of medical care, this must be arranged prior to admission.


All medications and treatments used by residents are administered by the Nursing Staff. Prescriptions will be filled by the Lodge's designated Pharmacy through the Nursing Department. Residents are asked not to have prescriptions filled at any pharmacy. Any particular health problems or needs should be discussed with the Nursing Staff and the attending physician.

In accordance with Licensing regulations, all prescription medicines, treatments and all over-the-counter medicines and treatments (such as laxatives, headache pills, vitamins, liniment rubs, ointments and stomach remedies) must be stored in the Medication Room. All medications whether prescription or non-prescription require a physicians order. Medications and treatments found in residents' room/personal possession will be removed.

Cost of medical supplies not covered by Pharmacare or other government programs is the financial responsibility of the resident or their family.

Please report all of your medical appointments to the Nursing Office on the floor. A letter will be prepared for you to take to your physician on each visit. Please give this completed letter and any prescriptions to your Nurse when you return.

Langley Lodge does not provide transportation to appointments. It is the responsibility of the resident or family to provide or arrange for transportation and escort if needed, to appointments such as physician, physiotherapist, X-Ray offices, etc.

Resident Care Conferences

Interdisciplinary Care Conferences are held annually to provide you, your family and your Care Team with information so that we can provide you with the best medical care possible. Care Plans are developed and written to meet your specific needs. You and your family are encouraged to attend. The Social Worker will contact you when a conference is scheduled.


All residents will require a physicians order to consume alcohol at Langley Lodge. Alcoholic beverages are served during our "Happy Hour Program" and other Special Events. Residents may purchase a maximum of two drinks for a nominal fee. 

Your Care Team and You

Contacting Care Team Members

Chief Executive Officer – Debra Hauptman – 604-532-4216

Director of Care – Lisa Samms-Maxwell – 604-532-4212

Resident Care Manager – Susan Madlung – 604-532-4232

Manager of Care Aide Services – Ashleigh Chapman – 604-551—0952

Manager of Support Services – Karen Kennedy -604-532-4238

Rehabilitation Department – 604-532-4146

TR Program Coordinator –  Charlene Koop - 604-532-4222

Social Worker – Izabella Glinska - 604-532-4241

Dietician – Mumtaz Dumani – 604-532-4224

Spiritual Care – Contact the Director of Care – 604-532-4212

Getting Involved


The Therapeutic Recreation (TR) Department offers a wide range of recreation and leisure programs which have been designed to provide physical, cognitive and social stimulation for the residents of Langley Lodge.

Groups and Activities

There are several different activities you can participate in. They include Keep Fit, Crib Club, Painting Class, Garden Greens, Hand Chime Choir, Sing-a-long, Choir, Church Services, Large Group Parties, Bingo and Pet Visits.

Specialized programs are also provided for individuals living with the challenges of dementia as well as adapted programs for various levels of ability.

Augmenting the TR Department are Music and Horticulture Therapy. These specialists offer small group programs targeting interests and opportunities specific to their practice such as the Lodge’s ‘Valley Voices Choir’ and hand bell choir as well as seasonally themed gardening programs. Programs are adapted for special needs and one to one visits are provided individually as appropriate and as desired.

All residents are encouraged and supported to participate in programs of their choice.

A monthly calendar is posted throughout the building and available to individuals on request. It is also available on the Lodge website (www.langleylodge.org).  

A Resident and Family Newsletter “The Langley Lodge Review” is produced each month and mailed out to families and volunteers. Copies of the newsletter are also available for residents and staff at the reception area.

Pastoral Care Services

Pastoral Care is provided through our Therapeutic Recreation Department. The kind of pastoral care support received and the amount of involvement in our program is entirely up to the individual. Our part time Chaplain endeavors to be accessible and is committed to providing respectful, compassionate support of all residents. Examples of services from our chaplain include: bible study group, one to one visiting, hospital visits, and memorial services.

We are grateful for and proud of the level of support we have from our Community Churches. Our Church Partners provide a wide range of services on a weekly basis. (Refer to the calendar for specific denominational services.) Pastoral Care Students and Lay Volunteers who are committed to journey with you in a spirit of friendship, mutual compassion, respect and hope, make themselves available for fellowship. Our Palliative Care Volunteers and hospice partners are available to support residents and families during the sensitive last stages of life. 

We respect the diversity of religious beliefs, different cultural heritages, attitudes and lifestyles of our residents and staff.  We are always available to help and support residents, family and staff. For further information, contact the Manager of Therapeutic Recreation.

Resident Council

Every resident becomes a member of the Residents’ Council upon admission to Langley Lodge. Meetings are held monthly and residents and family are encouraged to attend and participate. These meetings provide residents with opportunities to contribute to the operation of the Lodge by expressing concerns or making recommendations for change. Minutes of the previous meeting are given to residents at the following meeting.

Additional Services

Hairdressing and Barber Services

Hairdresser / barber services are available at Langley Lodge. Rates are posted and appointments can be made at the Reception desk or with the hairdresser directly. On admission, you will be given forms to sign if you wish to access this service.

Social Work Services

Langley Lodge has a part time Social Worker. Along with the many different roles the Social Worker has at Langley Lodge, she can help you with any concerns or questions you may have.

Assistance and support with financial questions, adjusting to living in residential care or how to access additional services you may require are only some of the areas that can be addressed by the Social Worker.

Family members who wish to speak to the Social Worker may contact her by calling 604-532-4241.

Dental Hygienist Services

We encourage you to have an oral exam once a year. Dental costs incurred are the responsibility of the resident or family. Some dental work can be organized through our Dental Hygienist for an additional fee.

Physiotherapy Services

The Lodge has a Rehabilitation Department, including a Physiotherapist. Physiotherapy services include musculoskeletal and respiratory assessment to determine functional abilities. Rehabilitation programs are created on an individualized basis to meet each resident's needs and goals. Some general mobility programs are also available such as a walking program to increase walking endurance, an upper extremity program to regain mobility and strength in the arms and hands, and a hip class to strengthen the hips and knees. The Physiotherapist is available as a resource to residents and families who are interested in purchasing mobility aids such as walkers and wheelchairs, as well as fall prevention equipment such as hip protectors. 

Safety and Security

Least Restraint/Bedrails

Our facility follows the least restraint philosophy of care. What that means for you is that we believe you have the right to move around independently without any barriers. This includes the use of bed rails. If you have any questions regarding Least Restraint please contact one of the following Interdisciplinary Team Members: Your nurse, Assistant Director of Care, Physiotherapist, or the Social Worker.


If you are at risk of falling, there are some ways you and your family can help to reduce the risk. For example, we have installed call bells in your room so you can request assistance to get in and out of bed. Remember be patient and someone will come as soon as they are available.

Fire Safety

Required by legislation, fire drills are held on a regular basis. You are asked to assist us in this essential exercise. When the alarm sounds, residents are asked to shut the door and stay in their rooms until the staff advise you it is safe to leave. Visitors are asked to follow the instructions of Lodge Staff.

Personal Equipment

Wheelchairs/Walking Aids

If you require the ongoing use of a wheelchair or walker you will be responsible to purchase your own. Prior to purchasing a wheelchair or walker please see the Physiotherapist, as she can recommend a suitable walking devices or wheelchair and provide you with a list of suppliers.

Maintenance of and repairs to your personal wheelchairs or walkers is your responsibility. Again, the Physiotherapist has a list of dealers who make repairs.

Dentures, Glasses and Hearing Aids

For ease of identification, dentures, eyeglasses and hearing aids will be marked on admission. Purchase and repairs of these items are the responsibility of the resident or family.

Donation of Personal Item

Due to the lack of storage space we are not able to accept donation of personal items or furniture. In order to comply with FHA requirements, we request that all personal items be removed from your room within 24 hours of discharge.

Absence from Facility

Length of Absence – Vacation Days

The Fraser Health Authority, who is subsidizing your stay at Langley Lodge, has agreed to continue with subsidizing your stay while you are on holidays for an accumulated period of time not exceeding 30 days. After an accumulation of 30 you will be required to pay the subsidized amount in addition to your rent.

If you are planning a vacation with your family, you will need to let your nurse know in advance so we can have all your medications prepared for your holiday.

When planning to be away, you will need to provide us with the following notice so we can make sure we have all your medications prepared:

        1)     away for one meal - let the Nurse know as soon as you know.

        2)     absent for one to three days – let the Nurse know at least 24 hours in advance.

        3)     absent for more than three days - let the Nurse know at least 48 hours in advance.


If you require hospitalization, while you are staying at Langley Lodge we will hold your bed for you for a period of up to 30 days thenrequest an extension from the Fraser Health Authority. You will still be required to pay your rent during your hospitalization.

Family Involvement

Family & Friends Sharing and Caring Group

Family & Friends Sharing and Caring is a group comprised of dedicated family members who meet on a voluntary basis to provide support and education for all family members associated with Langley Lodge.


Volunteers greatly enrich the lives of our residents. Family members are encouraged to meet with the Coordinator of Therapeutic Activation to discuss how they could become involved. Examples of areas of service include outings, activity programs, resident shopping, visitation, and the Auxiliary Committee.


The Auxiliary to the Langley Care Society has a long and rich history of support for Langley Lodge and welcomes new members who share their vision of working to enrich the lives of the residents. Many of the Auxiliary members became involved with the Lodge through their own family experience with us. Their dedication to serving the residents is born of their own care experience and desire to continue supporting Lodge activities.

In addition to volunteering their services for special events and other programs, the Auxiliary contributes their time and effort in raising funds to enable Langley Lodge to advance its mission, goals and objectives. Annual events include: decorating the Lodge at Christmas (it’s a sight to see!), hosting the annual resident and family pig roast, clothing, book and white elephant sales amongst many other successful ventures. The Auxiliary raises over $40,000.00 annually which goes toward supporting programs such as meal assistance, music and horticulture therapies as well as the acquisition of valuable equipment for the Lodge. Their funds are augmented by gaming grant applications submitted by them on our behalf.

If you or a member of your family is interested in joining the Auxiliary, please call the Manager of Therapeutic Recreation.