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Fundraising Events that benefit Langley Lodge

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Corporate Fundraising in Langley
Raising Money from Businesses

Corporate-Run Events

One thing we would absolutely love to see more of are fundraising events done by corporations where the elders at Langley Lodge are the benefactors. Events such as barbecues, outside tournaments (bocce, baseball) or competitions (trivia) would be a wonderful way to fundraise for us.

Here are a few more ideas:

  • Casual Dress Day
  • T-Shirt Sales
  • Funny Photo Contest
  • Office Barter & Trade Fair
  • Fashion Show
  • Walkathons
  • 30 Hour Famine
  • Wine Tasting (we do not recommend mixing with the above two events)
  • Corporate Cookbook
  • Art Show

All external events have neen postponed until 2022. Look forward to our Night at the Races event that is hosted at Elements Casino in Surrey (Cloverdale). We also have our annual Butterfly Release at Krause Berry Farms coming up, which is always well attended and has an incredible impact on those who are grieving, or simply just wish to have a wonderful day out.