Exemplary care for the aging
population in our community

Honorary Endorsement

Honorary Chair - Peter Fassbender

H. Peter Fassbender

It is my pleasure to provide a personal reference for Langley Lodge based on both my personal and professional experience over the last many years living in the City of Langley.

My first exposure to Langley Lodge was over 20 years ago when my wife and I were invited to attend an event at the facility. Close friends of ours had a grandparent living in the Lodge and we went along to a tea that was being held for residents, family and friends.

What impressed us immediately was the caring atmosphere that we sensed from the moment that we walked in the door. We saw people at various stages in their senior years that were happy and content. We met staff and volunteers who eagerly showed their care and respect for the residents. In short, we saw a facility that was anything but typical of other senior’s facilities we had seen up to that point.  

We also immediately recognized that the residents and their families were from all over the South of Fraser Region. As such, we recognized that Langley Lodge served a much broader community than just the City of Langley. It was and is to this day the home of many people of all walks of life and from many different communities in the Region.

With the increased pressure of an aging population and the growth of the South of Fraser region, Langley Lodge will continue to be a very positive example of how seniors with diverse care needs can be looked after with compassion and dignity. In my own personal case, my mother was a resident for over four years until she passed away and I can not think of a better place for her to end her life than at Langley Lodge being cared for and supported by such tremendous staff and volunteers.

For all the reasons stated above and many more I am providing my unqualified recommendation and support for Langley Lodge. I urge individuals, organizations and corporations to take a very serious look at this great facility and the people behind and within it. Once you have done that, I am sure you will seriously consider providing financial support for their ongoing capital needs.  

They deserve the communities support because they make such a significant difference in people lives at a time where they can not always help themselves.

Thank you for considering being a supporter of Langley Lodge!  Be involved in helping shape the future for those who have contributed to and shaped our past!

Yours truly,
H. Peter Fassbender



Peter Fassbender