Exemplary care for the aging
population in our community

Terms of Reference

Mission Statement

To promote a supportive and collaborative forum where family members and friends of residents of Langley Lodge can share their stories, learn from each other, and discuss successes and opportunities for improvement. To work together with staff to provide a respectful, collaborative, caring environment for the residents, families and staff, that promotes quality of life and living.

Goals and Objectives

1.  To welcome families of new residents of Langley Lodge and offer information, assistance,  and support consistent with the Mission of the Family and Friends Sharing and Caring Group.

2.  To promote information sharing on activities at Langley Lodge and answer questions and/or provide direction as to who to speak with about specific questions or concerns. This will include, but not limited to:

  • Welcome and information sessions offered to Family and Friends of newly admitted Residents.
  • Opportunity for Family and Friends to get together to share and support one another.
  • Develop and maintain a webpage on the Langley Lodge website where relevant materials will be provided for Family and Friends.

3.  To assist and improve communication between the residents, family members, friends, staff, and management in order to work together and provide understanding that will promote quality of life and living at Langley Lodge.
4.  To improve opportunities for unit and/or site staff to work together with family on matters affecting the resident’s day-to-day living including:

  • Issue identification and discussion; and
  • Recommendations for change at Langley Lodge; and
  • When appropriate, being heard on proposed changes in policy and practice affecting the well-being of residents.

Organization and Structure


  • Family members, and/or health care representative of a resident living within the facility. Family and friends of a deceased resident of Langley Lodge are welcome to continue their involvement with Family and Friends Sharing and Caring Group but would no longer be eligible to vote.
  • Social Worker or Manager designate of Langley Lodge

Support and Liaison
The staff Social Worker or Manager designate provides support and liaison to Family and Friends Sharing and Caring Group. They share information and assist group members to understand issues affecting residents and families and provide opportunities for sharing and support amongst members. The Social Worker or Manager designate attends and participates in meetings of the Group.

Group Positions and Roles

1. Co-Chair

  • To include a Langley Lodge designate and an interested family member
  • To ensure notice of meeting is circulated, set the agenda and chair the meeting
  • To ensure a welcoming environment, providing opportunity for all to speak

2. Secretariat

  • Designated Langley Lodge staff member who will support the Co-chairs in their role.

3. Membership

  • Any Family Member or Friend of a Resident at Langley Lodge is welcome to attend any meeting of the Group.
  • To participate in discussion and share with and support other group members
  • To adhere to the Code of Conduct
  • To respect the confidentiality of each member and maintain, in confidence, any information shared of a personal or private nature.


  • Welcome sessions will be held at least 3 times per year at a time and date established between the Group and the staff support.
  • Ad Hoc meetings will take place at the call of the Co-chairs or delegate as required.
  • Notices will be posted and distributed on the Group Bulletin Board as well as via the Group Webpage, the Langley Lodge Monthly newsletter and e-mailed or mailed directly to Family members, as appropriate.

There is no minimum number of people. Those who are present will determine if the meeting will proceed. If there is a need for a vote for decision making, a quorum of 50% of members, representing 25% of residents of Langley Lodge is required. Voting can take place in person or by e-mail.

Minutes and Agenda
Minutes will be distributed via e-mail to all participants of a Group session and be available in hard copy on the Group bulletin board and at the next meeting.

Amendment of Terms of Reference
Amendments may be made at any regular meeting of Family Council by a two-thirds vote, providing the proposed changes have been circulated at the previous meeting.


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