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Langley Lodge COVID-19 Updates

Update – March 25

NEW Visitation Changes:

We are pleased with today’s announcement by Dr. Bonnie Henry, that Visitation restrictions will be relaxed starting on April 1st. On the report this afternoon she announced that beginning April 1, all residents in long-term care and assisted living will be able to have frequent, routine opportunities for social visitation. Eased restrictions include:

  • removing the requirement for a single designated social visitor to allow for additional family and friends to visit long-term care and assisted living residents;
  • expanding the number of visitors so up to two visitors, plus a child, will be allowed to visit at a time, allowing people to connect in small groups;
  • changing the allowable location of visits so family and friends can visit in residents’ rooms without staff present; and  
  • allowing physical touch between visitors and residents, provided appropriate infection prevention and control measures, like masks and hand hygiene, are in place.


Social visitation will continue to be suspended during outbreaks and will continue to require advanced booking, visitor health screening, use of medical masks and frequent hand hygiene. 

For Langley Lodge Visitors, we will be developing a visitor appointment system, a Visitor Information Sheet and we will be sending these to primary contacts next Tuesday. We ask Primary Contacts to please forward this email and the information that we are sending next week to all of your family and friends whom you anticipate will want to visit an elder in Langley Lodge. Until then, please hold off from contacting reception as they will not be accepting appointments until our plan is confirmed.

We respectfully ask for your patience, as operators were not given advance notice of the changes to visitation, and we will be working very quickly over the coming days to map out the plan for April 1st.

We thank you for your ongoing support.


Update – February 22

Immunization Update 2nd Dose:

We have a nice milestone to report. We immunized 117 residents with their 2nd dose of the Pfizer vaccine.  In addition, we had a few new residents that received their 1st dose of the vaccine. There were 9 immunizers on-site, including 5 of our nurses (Lisa, Director of Care and Debra, CEO included), plus our London Drugs Pharmacist, Diane.

Fraser Health also sent 3 immunizers to our site and once the vaccine was here, we had a smooth rollout and completed the immunizations in less than 3 hours.  Completion of our COVID-19 immunization campaign is a historical achievement for Langley Lodge. This will bring an end to the worry and fear of 2020, and create hope for a better year in 2021. 

We are all very thankful for the immediate rollout of the vaccine for the most vulnerable population.

No Change in Pandemic Protocols:

Unfortunately at this time, even though the 2nd dose has been administered, this does not change any of the Provincial Health Orders currently in effect. We must stay the course and cannot relax any of these protocols until the Provincial Health Officer updates the order and protocols. We remain optimistic for that day when we can once again open the doors completely to families and visitors.

Recreation Activities:

The Recreation Team continues to work hard on providing meaningful activities for all the residents in each home area. They balance the Virtual Visits and activities with the residents each day. Activity programs such as Bingo, Trivia, Music, and Leisure Cart (colouring, puzzles, and individual activities) happen with the residents in the afternoon, in small groups.

Valentine’s Day was celebrated with handmade cards from families and local children, decorations in the home areas and ice cream with strawberry topping.

BC Recovery Benefit – Reminder:

This is a reminder if you haven’t applied for the BC Recovery Benefit, please be sure to go to the following website and apply.

Additional Resources:

Interim guidelines to visitation:

Fraser Health News:

Debra Hauptman, RPN, MBA                             Dr. Mitchell Fagan, MD., Ph.D. M.C.F.P.

Chief Executive Officer                                     Medical Director

For additional information:

As always, please contact us directly:

Director of Care:    Lisa Samms-Maxwell at 604-532-4212

CEO:   Debra Hauptman at 604-532-4216

Please be patient. We will respond within 1-2 day to all inquiries.

On-Going Updates

10/20/2020 4:35PM

Outbreak is declared over.

10/02/2020 2:35PM

One staff member has tested positive for COVID-19.

07/03/2020 3:24PM

Outbreak officially declared over.

06/30/20 4:26PM

Update on visitation safety plan.

06/26/20 4:55PM

Update on previously recovered resident, activities in COVID, and visitation.

06/22/20 4:09PM

No change reported, update on Step Down Plan provided, and schedule giving for receptionist breaks for dropping off deliveries.

06/15/20 5:09PM

No change reported, frequency of updates changed due to stable cases, our “step down plan” and a huge thank you to our community.

6/12/20 4:32PM

No change reported.

06/05/20 4:56PM

Updated COVID status and highlighting point about population here.

06/03/20 4:18PM

Updated COVID status.

06/01/20 4:14PM

Updated COVID status, virtual visits and discussion on complex health conditions of residents.

05/29/20 7:57PM

Updated COVID status and information on full residents and staff swabs.

05/28/20 4:21PM

Updated regarding Director of Pandemic Response appointment.

05/27/20 4:51PM

Updated COVID status, limited Virtual Visits offered again, and discussion on the health condition of our residents

05/25/20 4:32PM

Updated COVID status, shared a letter from a family member and showed the outbreak procedures that are being undertaken.

05/22/20 5:32PM

Updated COVID status and reinforce caution being taken.

05/21/20 5:45PM

Updated COVID status and information regarding our 6th floor.

05/20/20 5:20PM

All cases are posted, including recovered, deaths, new cases and staff cases. A full synopsis of our current situation is explained.

05/19/20 5:45PM

Update on decline of cases and transparency on actual COVID-19 numbers.

05/15/20 5:05PM

Revised information posted for general public with update on outbreak status.

05/06/20 1:31PM

Revised letter from CEO and discussion on the proactive swabbing of all residents.

05/01/20 3:46PM

Revised letter from CEO and news from BC Care Providers.

04/24/20 2:43PM

Revised letter from CEO, visitation guidelines, Mothers Day mention and our Community/Staff appreciation video link. 

04/17/20 3:35PM

Revised letter from CEO and list of donations received.

04/14/20 10:12AM

Added letter from CEO, including mentions of Easter Bonnet Parade, Family Gifts and Virtual Visits.

04/01/20 1:59PM

You’ve likely heard the news that a staff member here has a positive test for COVID-19. This staff member is self-isolating at home. We are actively working with Fraser Health and all primary family contacts have been notified by telephone and email of this development. We are taking all necessary precautions to protect our residents and staff. Everyone is doing well and we continue daily health monitoring of everyone.

We would like to thank everyone for their messages of support and thank you for sending flowers and treats for the residents and staff.

03/27/20 2:11PM

-Message to Families added

-Birthday party details added

-Virtual Visits update

03/20/20 3:31PM

We are still in our current state of essential visiting only (compassionate/palliative) and continue to be proactive in the prevention of COVID-19.

– All residents are healthy and doing well. We have no illnesses to report. 

– We are continuing to monitor all residents’ health status and are screening staff daily when they arrive to work. 

– We are fully staffed throughout the week and Leadership will be here on the weekend.

– Our Activity staff are assigned to specific home areas and are leading regular activities everyday. Some activities include bingo, music, baking bread, St. Patrick’s Day celebrations and much more.

– Some families have delivered flowers or gifts to their loved ones. You are always welcome to bring items to the Lodge and we will deliver them to your loved one. If you are bringing in food, we ask that the food is commercially prepared, no homemade food at this time.

Virtual Visits (Live Video Chats):

Virtual Visits, will be coordinated and scheduled. We will set up a mobile laptop or iPad to connect you to your loved one.  You can use your personal device, such as an iPhone, iPad, Android phone or laptop to be able to join the live video chat. 

03/16/20 1:58PM

Effective immediately and directed by the provincial Medical Health Officer:
Essential Visits Only Until Further Notice
Essential Visits will be permitted for only:
1. Compassionate / Palliative reasons
2. Family or significant other for compassionate / palliative reasons
Nurses will keep families informed of any changes in resident’s health status as per usual.

03/13/20 4:49PM

We ask that families limit the number of visitors to 1-2 family members, and to please reduce the amount of time spent visiting. In addition, we ask that no pets be brought to the Lodge at this time. Doors will be secured at 4pm daily.

03/11/20 5:02PM

Content has been updated in the prevention plan, along with additional resource links and contact information.

03/09/20 4:30PM

Visiting hours are being limited to 1-4pm due to screening requirements of each visitor. It is encouraged that anyone wishing to communicate with a resident outside of these hours, calls to setup a video conference by Skype with their loved one.