Recreational Calendar

Activities Every Day

With an average of 130 activities happening each month, it is exciting to see all of the events that residents can access throughout each day. We are thankful to our generous donors who allow us to offer so many more programs (items highlighted in purple) and appreciate any feedback you have on what your loved one says about each program.

This activity calendar is set in stone for the month, but unforeseen situations can arise, preventing them from happening. Should you want to attend an activity with a loved one, it is best to call reception at 604-530-2305 and ensure it is happening. 

Update during COVID-19: Although majority of our recreational activities have been cancelled, there are still set activities happening in each home area and we are receiving all sorts of wonderful homemade YouTube videos that we are sharing with everyone. Please keep sending those in, if you’d like to sing for an audience of elders!