Seniors Peer Support Program

The Seniors Peer Support Program is a volunteer-driven service that provides person-to-
person outreach to connect with isolated and at-risk seniors in our community.

The project exists and continues to run based on the generous donations of our
community given to the Langley Care Foundation.

The seniors we serve.

Participants in the program are:


Living alone or are geographically isolated from family and friends

May be experiencing changes in physical functioning or health status

Developing early cognitive changes, such as memory loss and confusion

Limited financial means that prevent participation and impact the senior’s ability to maintain social connections for their general health & well-being.

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What the
program offers.

Regular contact by phone or in person with a trained and supervised peer volunteer

An invitation to attend a weekly social, recreation, or music event and special occasions

Enjoy a nutritious, Dietitian approved, lunch at Langley Lodge once weekly

Private bus transportation is provided for the weekly program at Langley Lodge

Opportunities to meet other seniors and develop new connections

It's free! There is no cost to participate, no fees or memberships

Volunteers will liaise with the Director of Care, who will engage the Family Physician if required, e.g., if a health issue becomes apparent to the volunteer.

Do you know a senior who could benefit from the peer support program or provide assistance?

Please send us an email to the Seniors Support Program
Or call us at 604-530-2305