Respite Care

When should I use respite care?

In short, respite care is meant to give caregivers a temporary reprieve from the emotional and physical demands of caring for a loved one, as well as provide a chance for elders to participate in community activities.

Caregiver Support

In caring for someone else, caregivers may put aside their own needs because they feel like they need to do everything. However, that is simply not true and it’s OK to ask for support when you need it. Respite care gives caregivers peace of mind knowing their loved one has trained staff caring for them. This allows caregivers to take time for themselves and enjoy some much-needed rest. We also encourage caregivers to take advantage of respite care early on, so they can avoid caregiver burn out.

Couple Sitting in Chair


Travel and Vacation Support

Families going out of town or on vacation may choose to use respite care for their aging parent. Instead of staying home, families can entrust their loved one’s to Langley Lodge without worry about their care while away. Respite care can also be like a vacation for seniors as they participate in activities and enjoy socializing with other residents.

What does it include?


  • Live-in respite care
  • Medical administration
  • Social times (happy hour, high tea, etc…)
  • Recreation programs
  • Nutritious meals
  • Personal laundry service
  • TV, Cable & Wifi
  • Lockable nightstand

Access to

  • Secure courtyard
  • Lounges
  • Bistro for visitors
  • Music, Art, Gardening and Pastoral Care programs


  • A minimum of four days stay on initial visit
    • Clients will be provided prescriptions through out in-house pharmacist program

What to bring

  • Comfortable, seasonal clothing (e.z. light jacket, hat, pajamas, etc…) and personal care items
  • Provide medical list to social worker prior to visit

Who to contact

  • For all inquiries, please call reception at 604-530-2305

Additional Services (available for a fee)

  • Hair salon
  • PT/OT assessment
  • Foot care
  • Dentistry

Not permitted

  • Smoking
  • Pets