Long Term Care

Long term Care Defined

Long Term Care services are for adults who can no longer live safely or independently at home because of their complex health care needs. Langley Lodge offers funded long term care spaces through the Fraser Health Authority. While most rooms are single occupancy, there are some shared accommodations suites for couples who wish to come into care together.


The monthly fee for care is partially funded by Fraser Health and partially paid for by the resident. An assessment by Fraser Health staff is required for admission to a subsidized space. Feel free to call at any time for more information.

Types of Services Offered at Langley Lodge

Nursing Care

Our Registered Nurses, Registered Psychiatric Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses provide 24 hour professional clinical care for our residents, and clinical leadership for the Interdisciplinary Care Team.

Therapeutic Recreation

Services offered intend to provide purposeful, meaningful activity in the form of recreation and leisure pursuits of interest to our residents. These programs are provided by a qualified team of Recreation Aides, Chaplain, Music and Art Therapists, and Horticultural Therapist. We seek to meet individual needs through a variety of offerings and approaches, building community and enhancing quality of life through quality programming.

Pharmacy Services

Langley Lodge Pharmacy services are provided by London Drugs. The service includes the supply and monitoring of medications as well as a Clinical Pharmacist who acts as a resource person and is part of the multi-disciplinary team.

Pastoral Services

We believe that spirituality plays an important role in personal well being throughout all stages of life. Through our programs, services and volunteers we seek to enhance resident’s well being by encouraging personal spirituality.

Administrative Services

We have administrative staff to provide support for the resident and family in dealing with the day-to-day business of the facility, to receive inquiries and connect visitors, residents and family members to the right personnel for information and assistance. Small trust accounts can be set up and maintained for each resident, to ensure their money is safeguarded, is available and accounted for.

Physiotherapy/Occupational Therapy

Langley Lodge has a Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist and a Rehabilitation Assistant on staff. The aim of the Physiotherapy Department is to assist the resident in achieving his/her full potential in mobility and functional skills and maintaining independence and quality of life.

Dietary Services

The goal of the dietary department is to prepare and serve nutritious, tasty and appetizing meals for residents in a pleasant and satisfying manner. Dietary services are directed by a Registered Dietitian and coordinated and supervised by a Food Services Management professional. Food preparation and service is provided by experienced, professionally trained Cooks as well as Foodsafe-certified Dietary Aides. We have a five-week rotating menu and additional nourishments in the afternoon and evening. Visitors are welcome to join their resident family member for meals or tea breaks for a nominal cost. Detailed information is available in the Resident Handbook.

Dental Services

Dental health is part of the total resident care. Langley Lodge delivers dental care through a mobile dentistry provider, ensuring that all residents have access to a Dentist, and dental care is delivered on site. Dental care fees are determined by the provider according to provincial guidelines, and residents are billed directly by the Dentist.

Environmental Services

Our residence is bright, clean and well maintained by daily housekeeping and maintenance personnel. Langley Lodge was completely renovated in 2008-11, and our facility is in excellent condition. To maintain this condition, a capital replacement program is in place to ensure our equipment and structures receive routine servicing and replacement according to professional estimates. Personal laundry services are provided daily for linens, towels and personal clothing (suitable for laundry). We have a comprehensive building security program, HVAC systems, ensuring a secure and comfortable living space for residents and work place for staff.

Other Support Services

For a complete listing of all of our services, please see our Resident and Family Handbook. For further information about the admission process or other Langley Lodge services, please contact our Social Worker directly, through Reception.