Board of Directors

Board of Directors


Chair - Vacant; VP - Acting Chair

Vice President

Rudy Storteboom -
Realtor, Councillor - Langley City


Deborah Silvester -
Immigration Firm, Silvester & Associates


Harry Hansra -
Senior Consultant, Capital and Reserve Management, Vancity

Directors at Large

  • Sharon Anglin - Retired Elementary School Principal SD#35
  • Brian Parkinson - Owner, Brian Parkinson Insurance Agencies, Ltd.
  • Raymond Weins - Retired Information Technology Professional
  • Carol Metcalfe - Auxiliary to Langley Care Society Appointee
  • Jeanette Reddington - Consultant, Insurance Industry
  • Myung Lee - Program Manager of Tax Aid, Disability Alliance BC
  • Lionel Earle - Assistant Director WorkSafe BC

A Letter From Board President Charles Grahn

The past year was my first as the Chair of the Society Board, and it was a wonderful experience to develop more in depth familiarity with a great many topics. I am grateful to many people for their encouragement, guidance, and support.

In the past year the Board has sought to continue Langley Lodge’s tradition of being an exemplary provider of long-term care; we have continued efforts to support isolated elders in the community, and with the support of Fraser Health, we were able to add respite care to the Lodge’s range of available services. We continue to embrace a philosophy of care that emphasizes the holistic needs of the person. We are leaders in the delivery of elder care.

This leadership enjoins us to apply cautious and deliberate decision-making. In the past year the Board completed its three-year strategic planning cycle. Later this year we will embark on the next planning phase, and that will determine the trajectory for the Lodge until 2023.

We have reorganized our committee structure in partnership with our colleagues at the Langley Care Foundation to encourage more successful fundraising. Finally, we have considered pending public policy decisions and how they may impact our operations. In short, the Lodge remains financially stable and well prepared to handle forthcoming challenges, should any occur.

Yet, as important as these things are, it is the daily effort of staff, volunteers and the Senior Leadership Team that continue to make Langley Lodge an impeccable model of long-term  are. Twice in the past year I have received comments from acquaintances unfamiliar with my role here and who have gushed their appreciation of the quality of care provided to their family at the Lodge. These comments cause us to rededicate ourselves to exercising our best judgement.

Respectfully submitted,

Charlie Grahn, President
Langley Care Society